She'll be riding six white horses when she comes!

My daughter is sitting on the floor playing with a musical toy. She's rocking back and forth singing, "When she comes, when she comes, when she coooooomes!" I can't think of anything else, so that'll work...

Location: Mesquite, Texas, United States

As an employee for Frito Lay, I deliver chips to grocery stores, merchandise the product, and control the inventory. I put in way too many hours a day because I pay too much attention to the nit-picky little details. And I'm slow. But I get to drive a 24 foot long straight truck, which requires not a CDL but a certification to drive it. It's fun. I wish all I had to do was drive!

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Ok, here goes nothing...

Well, Anthony's blog site seems so interesting, I thought I'd give it a try. Although I'm not sure of the whole thing. Unlike Anthony, I have nothing fascinating going on in my life. I just work, eat, sleep, and try to find time for my kids. Obviously by the site title, I was inspired by my daughter's singing when I was setting up the web page...

OK, there is one interesting thing in my life right now. I am buying a house! Closing date is November 30th. It's a cute little place. I'll have to find out how to post pictures so I can put some on the website for ya! It's in Mesquite near my Mom's place. 950 square feet, built in 1955, but completely remodeled with new paint and carpet, new roof, etc. There's some yard work to be done, and a tree or two will have to come down, along with several saplings (a year old at most) alongside the house and fence which must be removed. But all in due time. Winter is coming. Some of the yard work can wait until spring.

Since my life revolves around my job and my children, you will be sure to read about one or the other subject in these posts. Occasionally there is sure to be some comment about the cat who delights the children with her crazy antics. We took it to the vet the other day. She's only 6 months old. They recommended weight loss, as she weighs 7.2 pounds and has a fat tummy. No more kitten food for her!

Well, today is Mom's birthday, and we have a cake and some presents to deliver to her. So I'd best be running along.

Pax Christi!