She'll be riding six white horses when she comes!

My daughter is sitting on the floor playing with a musical toy. She's rocking back and forth singing, "When she comes, when she comes, when she coooooomes!" I can't think of anything else, so that'll work...

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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

She ain't comin' now!

It's been a while, I know. Sorry. I've been so busy lately. It looks like financing for the house is falling through. Which doesn't bother me. This house wasn't the house of my dreams, it was just a cute little house, and I needed it soon since my apartment lease was up. But oh well, I can just stay in the apartment a little longer. I'm irked by the investment I had to make just to try to buy the house, though. Money invested for the appraisal and inspection is not refunded. But oh well. I'll just have to wait. I'll just have to find another house and try again.

AJ is in the living room "reading" his library books. It's pretty cool, you can read a simple story to him a few times and then he can "read" it to Anya because he's got it memorized! Rhyming stories and stories with repetitive lines are great for him. However... A few weeks ago they went to the library with Gramma, who got a book about a little black train. By the time the book was returned, both of them were running around the house singing the rhyme and giggling hysterically. I'd be in the kitchen and out of the blue they'd start, and speed up as they sing:

"Elephants stomp in two big packs
and the yellow ducks go 'quack quack quack'
while dancing around the acrobats
who sing on the cars with the talking yaks
and the red caboose is in the back
of the little black train going down the track,
clickety-clack, clickety-clack."

Their piping voices would be going so fast that they'd dissolve into giggles and you couldn't understand the last two lines. Especially Anya. She doesn't speak quite as clearly as AJ yet (she is a year younger, give her time) so the giggles only made it nearly impossible to understand.

They can also tell you everything you may ever want to know about Thomas the Tank Engine. I oughtta hire them out to a direct hotline number for kids. "You got questions? We've got answers. I'm AJ and this is my sister Anya and we're here for you 24 hours a day, unless we're sleeping which we do for about 12 hours of the day." Then they could start buying their own diapers.

Oh well, I gotta run. I'm very tired.

God Bless!



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