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Thursday, December 29, 2005


A very blessed Christmas season to all of you! I had to work Christmas eve, AJ's birthday. I got up at 12:45AM and was at my first stop by 3. I was just leaving my third stop at 10AM when my boss pulled up. He asked if I had a delivery for my last stop. Truth be told, I had already delivered the product, and promised to return later for service. He said they needed more product, especially since they were going to be open on Christmas Day. I told him about a pickle that I was in - I didn't see enough product in any of the stores where they would not need a delivery Monday morning, and one store that wants to be made first would take quite a bit of time to service since the order I had placed was rather hefty. I would be trying to make 4 deliveries and service 4 stores in too small a time frame. So we headed back to the warehouse and I picked up enough product for those two stores and went back out to the route. I didn't get home until 5PM, then I had to get ready for Midnight Mass. And before heading out there my brother and I stopped at that one store that was going to be open on Christmas so I could give them a quick pull so that they'd be in good shape. Because I sure wasn't going to go in there on Christmas day. Well, we got there at 10PM and no one was there. I rang the bell but there were no cars in the parking lot so I knew no one was there. After a few minutes of waiting I finally left a note in the door and left.

Midnight Mass was very beautiful. I was hoarse so I'm afraid my alto voice did nothing to add to the beauty of the Mass. But Anthony's baritone certainly enriched the choir quite a bit. He chanted the gradual - the solemn tone, full, long, beautiful. While he was chanting, Mrs. Cure was telling the rest of the choir about our part - we'd repeat the Alleluia. And while she was telling us this, Anthony hit a beautiful high note and I felt like telling her to hush and listen! It was so glorious and uplifting.

After Mass I spoke to Father for a minute, and I commented, "I hope we didn't take you too much by surprise with the long gradual." Father said something about it was a surprise but he'd much rather have it than not and he could adjust to the change no problem.

Father went around the parish hall after Mass to every single person and shook their hand and said, "Merry Christmas!" And then he took a look at all the goodies that people had brought. "Ah, home-made cookies, more home-made cookies, God-made oranges, store-bought cookies..." and packed a little container with a few things. I guess because he had to say Mass again in the morning he didn't want to break his Communion fast.

We went to the Cures afterwards (it was now 3AM) and the festivities began. Dominic and Tim showed up and there was yummy sandwiches and more sweets. Everybody was having a good time, but I was beat. We were spending the night with our friends. They showed me where I was sleeping and I crashed. I even missed the morning Mass. Anthony made it, and Mom and Dad were there with AJ and Anya. Mom brought the kids to me on their way home. We said goodbye to our friends around 11AM and went to Mom and Dad's for the rest of the day. Dad was lying down when we got their, so we waited for him to open the gifts, but we let AJ and Anya open a few. Anthony handed the kids a square package and said, "This is for both of you. Careful, it's heavy." They sat down on the floor and started ripping off the paper. An excited cheer from both of them filled the room as they got a glimpse of what was in the package. It was a Thomas the Tank Engine story book, and from the size of it, I guess it's the entire collection of stories. We stopped opening presents for a while and I read several stories to them. Then Dad got up and we opened the rest of the gifts. It was a good Christmas.

After Christmas dinner I headed home to bed. I got up at 10PM to be at work by midnight. I intended to tackle the two stores that had gotten extra product first, since they would not be getting a delivery, then go get the truck, and service my other two stores. I arrived at my first stop at 11:30. Problem - no one was there. I went down the street to the next one. Bingo. Got that one done but it took two hours. Then I went back to the first stop. Ok, someone was there now. But this store, usually 24 hours open, being closed, I didn't know how to get in. So I finally walked around to the back and rang the bell, at which they opened the bay door expecting to find a truck. Since I had not gotten the truck yet, of course, I was not docked. They saw that the dock was empty and for just a minute, they panicked, thinking they were going to be robbed. But I hollered out to them, and they recognized me and let me in. So I got that store done, and was at the warehouse by 4:30. I was back at stop number three at 5:30, and didn't leave that store until 10:30. My last stop took three hours also. All the stores were pretty much empty, having been hit hard Saturday and closed and empty Sunday. The one store that was open Sunday had been serviced at 3PM Saturday, so even though I didn't make the pull as intended, they were in better shape than the other stores were, and chips hadn't really sold Sunday. I figure stuff like butter and milk and eggs, things people often run out of when cooking, were probably the only things they'd sold a lot of on Christmas day.

Anyway, both Saturday and Monday were horridly long days. I'm so glad that part's over. Christmas day, however, was wonderful and I wish it could have never ended.

All for now. My wrist hurts from all this typing.


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