She'll be riding six white horses when she comes!

My daughter is sitting on the floor playing with a musical toy. She's rocking back and forth singing, "When she comes, when she comes, when she coooooomes!" I can't think of anything else, so that'll work...

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As an employee for Frito Lay, I deliver chips to grocery stores, merchandise the product, and control the inventory. I put in way too many hours a day because I pay too much attention to the nit-picky little details. And I'm slow. But I get to drive a 24 foot long straight truck, which requires not a CDL but a certification to drive it. It's fun. I wish all I had to do was drive!

Sunday, December 11, 2005


Howdy! Thought I'd take a minute to give ya the scoop...

Anya turns three years old tomorrow! She has been saying "In December I get my cake! A pink cake!" So I guess I better not let her down. Pink is her favorite color - pale pink, I've noticed, more than hot pink.

Have you ever had someone stand over your shoulder while you're typing? How about a cat stand ON your shoulder? I tell you, this cat is gaining weight. She's round in the middle, you'd think she was pregnant (she AIN'T! She's been fixed!). I just wish I could get her to walk back and forth across my shoulders and neck - it would be a nice gentle massage (unless she put out her claws to steady herself. That wouldn't be very nice).

Well, the best news of the month so far - Anthony's coming home for Christmas! Yay, yay, yayyy! I'm so happy I could stand on my head. Ok, maybe that would be a bad idea... (The only thing that would be even better is if Jim can come home, even if it's just a temporary visit.)

The worst thing so far this month - my cell phone is broken. Split in half (it was a flip phone), broke at the joint (I guess it was weak). That's the second phone I've had this year (first one was stolen when my car was stolen by that thing I harbored...). I'm beginning to wonder if I should bother. Of course I will. I have a contract. I'm not going to throw more money down the drain. I prefer the flip style, but maybe I should just get a solid one like a nokia. I wonder, too, will the insurance that I have on the phone cover this break, or will it be considered a breakage due to use and therefore not qualified? Sheesh...

Oh, I suppose I ought to get to bed early since I have to start early at work tomorrow. Tomorrow will be very different. I'm on another route tomorrow. It has a Sam's Club - a warehouse grocery store where everything's on pallets and sold supersized or in bulk quantities. All the stores I've serviced have an aisle where we put the bags of chips on the shelf. This store has a couple of aisles where we have pallets of boxes of individual bags of chips for vendors and businesses. (Ok, that sentence is wierd.) There are a few racks where we do put some larger bags up like in grocery stores. I have to be done by 6:30AM or I'll be shot (figuratively speaking). Then there is another store to service, a Tom Thumb (a really nice grocery store). I've actually serviced it once before, although it was over a year ago, I dunno if it'll help me now.

Ok, to bed I said!

In Christ,


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